Say ”Fuck You Very Very much” to Homophobes

Lilly Allen- an English singer intended it to be about Bush. But she didn’t put his name in it for a reason, and that’s so the song could be enjoyed in a more universal sense.
For me, aside from the “go to war line”, this song could be a fuck you to haters in general. Particularly bigots and homophobes.
Lily Allen stated when she publicly performed this song for the first time that it was about the BNP. She later indicated that it was about George W. Bush, then broadened it pretty widely allowing that it could be applicable to any closed-minded, bigotted conservatives, in any country.
When I wrote this song, it was about Nick Griffin and the BNP, then it was about George Bush in America, but now it’s just about anyone, really, anyone who pisses you off, this is just a song to say ‘F*ck your Sh*t.'”

Look inside, look inside your tiny mind Oxumağa davam et


”FreeLGBT Azerbaijan” joined to the NOhate Speech Online campaign

The No Hate Speech Movement is a campaign against the expressions of hate speech online in all its forms, including those that most affect young people.
“Hate speech, as defined by the Council of Europe, covers all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify racial hatred, xenophobia, anti-Semitism or other forms of hatred based on intolerance, including: intolerance expressed by aggressive nationalism and ethnocentrism, discrimination and hostility against minorities, migrants and people of immigrant origin.”
Internet offers us the possibility to create, publish, distribute and consume media content fostering therefore a space of full participation, engagement and self-expression. With the development of social networks we all can participate in cyberspace in a variety of ways ranging from keeping in touch with your friends and developing new contacts to sharing content and exploring your self-expression. This online space gives us new opportunities: engaging with others for causes that we care for. But we may equally be victim and agent of abuse and human rights violations, among them, hate speech in various forms and cyberbullying. The online world is not without values either. Hate speech* as such is not a new issue on the Internet, nor in the human rights debate. Its online dimension and the potential damage on democratic processes gives us all new reasons to act.

Support NOHATE SPEECH online  campaign,  join us!


We support pride/Biz paradı dəstəkləyirik

Avropa Gənc Yaşıllar Fondunun təşkil etdiyi “Queer Green” Seminarının iştirakçıları dünyanın müxtəlif ölkələrində keçirilən Gay Qürur paradını dəstəklədiklərini nümayiş etdirmək və Qürur Paradını qeyd etməyə imkanı olmayan minlərlə insana dəstək olmaq məqsədi ilə video müraciət hazırlayıblar. Ondan çox müxtəlif dildə “mən paradı dəstəkləyirəm” deyən insanlar bu videonu Belqradda paradın təxirə salınmasından təsirlənərək hazırladıqlarını bildiriblər.

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